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CAHSEE Celebration

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Today during 6th period, we had a celebration for all sophomore students who passed both sections of the CAHSEE on the first try.  I humiliated myself for the kids.  I sported a rainbow clown wig and spun around a baseball bat a bunch of times as part of a relay.  Then I double-fisted it with a cup of M n Ms and a Costco sized container of Hershey’s syrup and poured toppings on the kids’ ice cream sundaes.

Mr. Goodrich sported a chicken suit while Mr. Swan dressed as a pimp.  Mrs. Manntai wore blonde mullet wig.  The relay was girls vs boys.  The girls won based on student cheers, but I think we accidentally cheated.

No really, accidentally.  I think I was supposed to go around the bat 20 times but only went 15ish.  I was never clear on it and then someone was counting but I didn’t know if they were counting me or Mr. Goodrich.  Oh well.  The whole point was to entertain the kids and make a fool of ourselves and we definitely did that!

Where are the pictures you ask?  I fully intended to take some but the whole event was so crazy that I couldn’t.  If I get my hands on some later I’ll definitely update the post!


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