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A Baby Shower

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Today, I went to my first ever baby shower.  It was for Mat’s cousin Stephanie whose wedding we went to about a year and a half ago.  Mat’s mom Kathy drove to me, I drove us to San Clemente, and Nicole (Mat’s sister) met us in a shopping center and drove to the actual shower.

It was a little tricky to find Stephanie’s aunt’s house, where the shower was, but with the help of good ol’ iPhone we found it.  She had a gorgeous view of the water from her patio.  I think the pictures say it all.

We didn’t really play games at the shower, just decorated onesies and filled out a cute little “Notes to Isabella” page where we filled in the blanks to phrases like “I hope you laugh_______” and “I hope you aren’t afraid_________.”    The only real game was the classic “how big is the mommy to be” game.  I didn’t win.  🙂

Even though we had to leave early, it was a really nice shower.  Windy and cold, but with a view like that who cares!

I believe I’m going to post about tonight’s dinner tomorrow.  It’s already late and we’re getting ready to enjoy some dessert and get to bed.  Trying out a church in Irvine tomorrow morning!

Countdown: 9 days of school and 27 days until our wedding


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