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A Glue Explosion

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Today was a long day.  I got up at 5, ran 5 miles, showered and got ready for work.

I went to work and covered a 1st period class in which the kids were doing projects and there was a glue explosion.  Yes, a glue explosion.  A girl was trying to use a bottle of white glue and was squeezing the bottle to get the glue out but it wasn’t working.  Next thin you know there’s a squeal.  I look up and there’s glue on her desk.  No big deal, I thought.  Then my gaze traveled along the glue on her desk, to the floor, up to the table against the wall, up the whiteboard on the wall, and finally to the teacher’s calendar that was attached to the whiteboard.  Yes, glue everywhere.

I didn’t take a picture of this because it was in a classroom that wasn’t my own, but you can imagine the epicness of this glue explosion.

The kids were great and cleaned it all up with no complaining.  I have to say it was pretty amusing.  The teacher found out later and also seemed amused.

In other news, the first real day of dance production tryouts was today.  The girls started learning a short “hip hop” routine that they’ll continue practicing tomorrow, and I’ll be giving them a very short across the floor sequence that’s more ballet-ish.  Then on Friday we’ll have the actual tryouts.

I still have no idea if I’ll be able to teach dance next year.  It all depends on the master schedule and what they need me for.  Fingers crossed!

After all this long day stuff, I went to ballet with my sister.  She hadn’t taken a ballet class in about 4 years and did really well.  We haven’t taken a class together in probably just as long.  After class, she came over and had dinner with us (leftover ziti and barbecue ranch salad).  It was a nice change from the everyday.

And with that, my long day as come to an end, thankfully.  I woke up this morning and literally said, “I don’t wanna…”  Even though I’ll be at school late the next two days, at least they’re both shorter than today was!

Countdown: 11 days of school and 30 days until our wedding


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