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Sometimes You Just Want to Go Somewhere Fancy

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Sometimes it’s just fun to dress up.  The above photos are from Mindy’s wedding, my two bridal showers, our engagement night, and our engagement party.  Sometimes you just want to do your hair all nice and put on extra makeup and a pretty drew and just.  look.  cute.

Even though I always change into comfy lounge clothes pretty much immediately after getting home from work, and even though one of the things that I’ll love about teaching dance next year (if it works out) is being able to wear comfy clothes WHILE at work, sometimes I love being fancy.

As much as I love being comfortable, sometimes I find myself craving an occasion to go put on a dress, curl my hair, and go out.  I haven’t seen a ballet in a long time, and I love dressing up to do that.  We don’t often go to fancy dinners (maybe once a year or so) and I love doing that too.

I guess the biggest reason I don’t dress up very often is that generally occasions for which you dress up are expensive.  It requires saving. And since we’ve been in wedding and saving to buy a house mode lately, there’s not a whole lot of wiggle room.

But that will change a bit after the wedding, I hope.  Because I like being fancy sometimes.  It’s just fun.

Do you like being fancy and dressed up or are you a comfy clothes at all times kind of person?


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