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Friday’s Renaissance Assembly

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On Friday, we had a special 2 hour assembly at school.  Usually, assemblies are sports related and there are 2 of them – you go to either first assembly or second assembly depending on which building your 2nd period class is in.  It’s just easier for crowd control.  For this assembly though, the whole school was in the gym at the same time.  There were chairs on the gym floor for juniors and seniors (at least it was supposed to be that way) and the freshmen and sophomores were in the bleachers.

The whole purpose of the assembly was to honor the top 10 in each class, the valedictorian and salutatorian, the most improved students both academically and in terms of attitude, the sophomore students who got a perfect score on the CAHSEE, and a few other honors.  There were also quite a few raffles, dance contests in which free pizza coupons were awarded to students in the audience, and, the best part, teacher performances.

Quite a few teachers embarrassed themselves, I mean performed, for the kids.  There was Justin Bieber, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Shakira, Enrique Iglesias, Nikki Minaj, Cee-lo, Eminem, and even Sonny and Cher (the kids had no clue who they were – I felt old).  It.  Was.  Hysterical.  I took video of a few of the performances, but I’m not going to post anything here for legal reasons.  Don’t want to get myself in trouble you know!

Overall, it was a really good assembly.  A bit long, because even us teachers were getting ancy, but it was good.  It’s nice to see the kids getting excited for academics.  Hopefully it helps change a lot of kids minds about school and college not only this year, but in the years to come.  It takes time to create such an attitude shift, but it will happen!


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