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Date Night!

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Last night, we went out to see Men in Black 3.  Here’s our verdict: we definitely liked it.  It was silly, as are the two preceding Men in Black movies, but if what you’re looking for is an entertaining movie that takes you away from the day to day, Men in Black 3 is a good pick.

We ran into another teacher from my school as we left the theater, which was fun.  I had thought I saw them when we were inside, but it was dark so I wasn’t entirely positive.  But then as we walked outside, sure enough it was them.  We said hi, introduced each other to our significant others, and that was pretty much it.  Still fun though to see a coworker outside of work!

We then made a quick stop at Tilly’s to get Mat a new pair of Rainbows – he threw out his old ones in the move because they were pretty shot.  Now with our Fiji honeymoon coming up, he sort of needed a new pair.  He also found a couple new shirts and I got a black bandeau top to go with the dresses and tops I’ve gotten for the trip/summer in general.

Dinner was Souplantation. I ate a lot.  I did not document this in pictures.  The end.

Ok, not the end.  The main reason I wanted to go there for date night even though a more traditional restaurant would have been nicer, was to try their new red velvet lava cake.  The chocolate lava cake is always a winner, so you would think red velvet would be a winner too, right?

Not so much.  I mean, it wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t as good as we would have hoped.  We both had a couple bites and that was it.  The frozen yogurt with toppings and the chocolate chip cookies they had passed out to all the tables earlier was a better dessert.

When we got home we lounged on the couch and actually called it an early night.  We were pooped!


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