Dancing for Food

Overcoming the ballet body image.

Aaaaand, Done!

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BTSA is done.

After two years of work.

Which was preceded by a year of university credential work.

$3000 in addition to university tuition.

It’s finally done.

Tonight was my exit interview in which I presented my project.  I wasn’t worried about it at all today, I just wanted it over.  As I suspected, they loved my poster.  Clearly, comparing ballet to teaching was a good thing.  I also was able to answer their questions well (I think anyway) and so I don’t think (knock on wood!) I’ll have any trouble getting my clear credential.

In fact, I should have the email saying I’ve been recommended for the clear credential by tomorrow.  Hopefully, it will actually be granted in the next week or two.  My dance credential took a long time to be approved, but I don’t remember my original credential taking a long time.  Hopefully this one doesn’t take long either.

One of the nice things was that they provided dessert.  I had a chocolate covered macaroon and a chocolate covered strawberry while I waited my turn, but I neglected the picture.  Probably because I was too darn excited to sugar up!  On the way out I grabbed a few more things to take home, and am planning to enjoy macaroon #2 as soon as I finish this post.

one of my absolute favorite desserts. it’s a good thing I don’t come across them often.

On the agenda tonight: some indoor cycling (to burn off some of the desserts – dress fitting on Saturday!), opening a bottle of celebratory wine, and the TV.


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