Dancing for Food

Overcoming the ballet body image.

Grilled Cheese Dinner

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When I got home from work today, I was pooped.  I just felt drained.  I was really on the fence about going to ballet, partly because of that and partly because I wasn’t sure about paying for it.  Which I think I mentioned in another post today.  Oops.  See?  Told you I was drained.

I ended up deciding to go.  I figured I may as well pay for 4 more classes because it will take me into the middle of June, which is perfect. Plus, Amanda is hopefully going to go with me next week and then I’d have to pay anyway.  And I wouldn’t pay for just one class – it isn’t worth it.

Deciding to go was clearly not the greatest idea.  I didn’t have a good class.  I just felt weak and out of it.  I think it’s a combination of a lot of things: not enough sleep, getting over a mild cold, and general fatigue that comes from the end of a school year.  But, now it’s over and I can shake it off and move on.

The layered bean enchiladas we made a couple nights ago were supposed to last for 3 nights.  They did not.  I think it’s because this time we layered them but last time we made this recipe we rolled them.  Rolling them makes you eat less somehow.  I figured this out because Mat used the same recipe as last time and the only change was to layer them.  Last time they easily last 3 nights for both of us and this time there was only enough left for one person tonight.

So, I told him to go ahead and have them and I decided to make myself a grilled cheese sandwich when I got home from ballet.  Sometimes, you just crave something random like that.  I’ve been craving random stuff and been generally foody the last day or so (gotta love that time of the month!) so it was perfect.  I paired it with a salad and then decided to have a glass of chocolate milk too.  That is certainly something I haven’t had in a while.  It was delicious.

grilled cheese for dinner, with ketchup!

chocolate milk!

Yes, I eat my grilled cheese sandwiches with ketchup.  Does anyone else do that?

Tomorrow is my BTSA exit interview – at this time tomorrow I will be officially done with BTSA forever!

Countdown: 15 days of school and 37 days until our wedding


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