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Final BTSA Project: Done!

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After work yesterday, besides making our lunches for today and folding laundry, I made my final BTSA project.

I explained what BTSA is all about here and started talking about my final project here.  As of today, I am done working on anything BTSA related.  I will never do it again.

As of Thursday around 5:30 pm, my exit interview will be done and I will be totally and complete done with BTSA for the rest of my life.  I cannot express how exciting this is.  It’s almost unreal.

For my project, I compared ballet to teaching and included pictures of me from ballet rehearsals/performances as well as some clip art pictures about teaching math.  I printed out all the info that I worked on during my prep last week in fun colored fonts, cut them out, glued them onto construction paper, and then cut that out with scrapbooking scissors.  Then it was all glued onto the foam poster board along with the pictures.

I felt like a student again. I used a gluestick!

laying it out to make sure it would fit

the finished product!

And there you have it.  All done.  Finis.  Good riddance.

This afternoon I’m hoping to get a few wedding related errands done.  I want to check stuff off the list!


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