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Graduations and More Barbecue

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This morning, Mat and I drove up toward home for his sister’s graduation from CSUF.  It was a nice little ceremony, but it was horribly hot.  We lasted until they called her name, and then we had to escape to the shade.  You weren’t supposed to do that, but we were pretty much dying in that sun.

nicole and ryan

nicole and her parents

the graduate!

the family


After the graduation, we stopped back at home to change clothes and get the lemon quinoa salad we made.  Then we went down to Nicole and Ryan’s house for a barbecue.  It was nice to have some good quality family time.

michele, nicole, me

the group outside

mat and I with Zach and Amy’s dog

Since Mat and I are now pescatarians, we had salmon at the barbecue.  Mat made a crust for it of crushed honey roasted peanuts, panko bread crumbs, parsley, honey, and dijon mustard.  We’re not sure of the proportions – he tends to just go with it.

He whisked it all together and let it chill for a bit, then spread it on the salmon.  It was a pretty thick layer, and I was skeptical, but he tends to know what he’s doing in the kitchen so I didn’t worry about it.

It went on the grill on foil until it was flaky.  It.  was.  amazing.

the finished product

I think we’ll call this Honey Peanut Salmon.  Because that’s basically what it was.  Delicious!

And now, we’re trying to enjoy the last few precious minutes of Sunday before starting another work week.

Countdown: 18 days of school and 40 days until our wedding.


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