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Hair Trial and a BBQ

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I had my wedding hair trial today.  It went perfectly!  Major kudos and a huge THANK YOU to Lauren for being an amazing hairstylist!  And, she even did a trial for my mom which went really nice too.

My replacement wedding headband (the originally randomly broke last week after my shower as I was showing my mom’s friend Lori and her daughter, but Lori offered to take it and get it fixed for me) came today just a couple hours before the trial.  It was amazing!  I got to try my headband with the veil and everything, and I love it!  I can’t wait to see it with my jewelry and dress and everything!!!

No pictures of this because I don’t want Mat to see it.  He’s seen the headband and the shoes, but not the dress (obviously) and not the veil.  And certainly nothing all put together.

After the hair trial, the whole family went to a graduation bbq for my good friend Alison’s younger brother Doug.  He graduated from college this morning!  I can’t believe that now our younger siblings are finishing college.  My own sister will finish in a year!

It was a nice bbq.  Now we’re getting geared up for Mat’s sister’s graduation tomorrow morning followed by a bbq at her house in the afternoon.  It’s a busy weekend yet again, but it’s to have the majority of it be for non-wedding things.

Countdown: 18 days of school and 41 days until our wedding 


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