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I Can See the Light!

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Of the last 5 weeks of the school year, this week is probably the grossest.  Next week, we have three days in a row of modified day schedule.  They’ll still be long days, but at least they’ll be different.  The following week is the week of Memorial Day, which means a 4 day work week!  After that comes just one more full work week (in which my students will be doing projects) and then finals week.  I can see the light!

This is what the board said at work today:

And now that today is done, it’s 19!

And, to make it better, in one month I’ll be coming home from my bachelorette weekend, celebrating Father’s Day, and getting ready for our wedding!  I can see the light!

So basically, I can see the light.  🙂

Lunch was the usual: half a pb&j on wheat and a banana.  I really need to get on the picture thing with that.

Afternoon snack was the last of the M n Ms from the Kolbeck shower.  What can I say, I was having a chocolate fix.  🙂

Dinner was a mix of leftovers: spaghetti with nutritional yeast and spicy quinoa stir fry.  It was paired with our usual salad, this time with homemade croutons because we had some leftover bread.

I still have a chocolate craving.  And it’s a rest day.  Why do the chocolate cravings always happen on a rest day?  Grr…

Tomorrow is Friday!  Soooo ready for this week to be over!

Countdown: 19 days of school and 43 days until our wedding.


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