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Productive Morning

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This morning I was supposed to help with tardy sweeps. It basically involves locking the front gates at 8 am and forcing students who show up late to get a tardy pass. I helped yesterday and oh. my. goodness. SO many students were late! I knew it was bad, but it was definitely crazier than I thought.

This morning, I was over there ready to help but it turned out they didn’t have anyone available to monitor detention today for all those late students, do I was off the hook! That resulted in immense productivity and getting several little annoying things crossed off my list:

1) Copies of this year’s GATE Training agendas made and distributed to those who were missing them (actually I did that before the tardy thing)
2) Copies made of the worksheet I apparently hadn’t already copied for Geometry today
3) Got my QEIA finder ready to turn in (several days early!)
4) Sent in my second to last BTSA item
5) Wrote quizzes for this Friday
6) Printed out the project I’m planning to do the last 2 weeks-ish of the school year
7) Planned out next week minus the homework assignments/quizzes

I think that’s it. Just in time for second period, and therefore my actual day, to start. Energy is waning, but I gotta push through!

I did get a chance to eat breakfast of course. Cottage cheese with strawberries and granola and coffee with milk and Hershey’s.




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