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Can’t Sleep and Other Things

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Last night, being Sunday, was already the kind of night where you have a hard time falling asleep.  Combine that with forgetting to order a decaf frappuccino at 4 pm, and you have a frustrating evening.  Since I was getting up at 5 this morning to run, I needed to be ALSEEP by 11 at the absolute latest.  That did not happen.  I would start to drift off and then would randomly wake back up.  This happened at least 3 times.  I finally did fall asleep, but I have no idea what time it was or how much sleep I got.

The alarm went off, I ran my 5 miles, and went to work.  It was not an easy day.  The students are getting really ancy for school to be over and while I certainly don’t blame them, they really need to just shut up!

This has been a VERY challenging school year for me.  The workload isn’t any worse than last year (in fact it’s probably easier), but there have been many other things going on in my life that have made it difficult.  On top of planning our wedding!  It’s been getting harder to sleep at night because I’m just so anxious about getting through the next day.  It truly takes all the sanity I have and then some I don’t have to get myself through each day.

Today’s breakfast was the usual: 1/2 cup of lowfat cottage cheese with 1/4 cup of granola and coffee with milk and chocolate syrup.  I generally used 2 sugar packets in my coffee, but we’re out of packets and I didn’t feel like rummaging in the cupboard for the huge bag of sugar.  Plus, sometimes a mocha is good.  🙂

Lunch was also the usual (read: boring): 1/2 peanut butter and jelly on whole wheat and an apple.  When I got home from work and errands I had a snack of plain Greek yogurt (the big container of Fage from Costco – amazing!) with honey.

To many, it would sound like I don’t eat very big meals throughout the day.  I guess that’s true?  For me though, eating more during the day a) makes me feel gross and b) means I can’t have a bigger dinner which I thoroughly enjoy doing.  🙂

I need better lunch ideas that are still small and light.  Ideas?



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