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Today is a Bit of a Fail

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Why is today a fail?  This is going to be my only post.

The work day was long and difficult.  I didn’t sleep well last night – having a frappuccino with caffeine in the afternoon was a bad idea.  I used to be able to drink copious amounts of caffeine and still fall fast asleep, but ever since I stopped drinking soda last year and have stuck with just morning coffee, afternoon caffeine hits me hard.

I subbed a class during my prep (1st period) which was easy but still made the day seem longer.  By 3rd period I was already developing the headache that I’ve been getting everyday around the middle of the day for the last 2 weeks.  I had no Advil or Tylenol or anything in my purse, and while I could have found some from another teacher, I just didn’t.  Thank goodness I was giving quizzes – provided for a slightly less tiring day.

After school I turned in my last big BTSA thing.  When I finally got home my head was POUNDING.  I had gotten an Advil from another teacher as I was leaving but I popped another as soon as I got home.  Fortunately, it stopped pretty soon after that.  But, it was pretty much the worst headache EVER.  I think it was the closest to a migraine I’ve gotten (I thank God I’ve never actually had one).

Once I felt better I was able to tackle my to do list:

  • fix the straps on my white dress for tomorrow
  • wrap Mother’s Day gifts
  • do my quick ab/arm workout
  • make the menu/grocery list for the next two weeks
  • paint my nails

minty green! still needs to be cleaned up a little bit in this picture

Dinner tonight was leftover pizza that we got at Costco last week.  Now whenever we get pizza from there we eat half and freeze half.  That was very lucky tonight because neither of us wanted to do ANYTHING.  We had a hefty barbecue ranch salad with it (trying to finish the last of the produce since we’re both spending the night at our parents’ houses tomorrow).

Now, Mat is in bed because he has to work the early (3:30) shift tomorrow morning and has a cold.  And, he has hardly slept in the last two nights.  I made him take Nyquil right after dinner and go straight to bed.  🙂

Dessert for me was a little handful of m n ms that are still leftover from the in-laws shower a few weeks ago.  🙂

Tomorrow’s plan:

  • wake up at 7 for a 10 mile(?) run – that’s my max since I just ran the half on Sunday
  • try to rest up and finish packing
  • Mat gets home from work at noon and we’ll leave shortly after
  • BRIDAL SHOWER at 1!!!
  • sleep and get ready for Mother’s Day  🙂

I can’t talk about what we got our moms, just in case they read this post.  But I guarantee it’s SUPER AWESOME!



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