Dancing for Food

Overcoming the ballet body image.


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There is one very nice thing about BTSA: you’re given two days off to use to do observations of other teachers and otherwise work on BTSA.  I used one of them in March and the second one today.  The one in March was spent doing a lot of BTSA work.  The one today was spent doing some BTSA work but also taking care of other random little things.

First thing I accomplished: getting a good night’s sleep.  It was sheer bliss to wake up this morning and NOT have to spring out of bed to go for a run and get my butt to work.

Second thing: a visit to the doctor to take care of the acne that flared up on my back a while ago.  I kept hoping and hoping it would go away, but it never really did.  Now, with our wedding 49ish days away, it needs to be gone STAT.  I got some new prescriptions and I’m hoping it does the job.

Third thing: a visit to the mall to get Mat wedding shoes.  More on that on the wedding page!

Fourth thing: Starbucks half price frappy hour!

Fifth thing: getting a little something to wear under my (somewhat see-through) dress for this Saturday’s BRIDAL SHOWER!  And, I can easily use it for under other dresses too.  You know, those ones that cling a little bit in the areas you’d rather not have them cling?  Basically spanx booty shorts.  🙂

I failed at taking pictures of our dinner tonight.  I’m just not enough in the habit yet!  We kept it easy: salmon patties (from the freezer section at Costco – we love Costco!) and a big barbecue ranch salad.  We try not to have barbecue ranch too often since it always involves shredded cheese in addition to the more caloric dressing combo, but sometimes you just crave it.  I tend to slather my salmon patty with ketchup (hey now, don’t judge), and ketchup somehow beckons for a spicier salad.  I’m not sure why.

Tomorrow is Friday and I’ve planned for an easier one – giving quizzes all day – but it’s going to be a very busy weekend.  Morning run on Saturday (still trying to decide how far to go since I just did the OC Half), my BRIDAL SHOWER, (post on that will DEFINITELY happen quickly), and Mother’s Day.  Somewhere in there I need to get some grading done.  Whew!

Countdown: 24 days of school and 49 days until our wedding!


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