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OC Half Marathon

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Today was the OC Half Marathon.  My dad, Mat and I all ran it and my mom ran the Wahoo’s 5k.  This was my final race in the Beach Cities Challenge and it was my dad and Mat’s 2nd of 3.

Since this race was just a few miles from where we live, we planned to get up at 4 this morning and leave by 4:45 to arrive by 5.  Sounds easy, right?


There was a LOT more traffic than we expected going into the Orange County Fairgrounds, which is where the finish line was and therefore where we were told to park.  We were aiming to get there in time for Mat’s 5:15 shuttle time (which really doesn’t matter because they don’t check that, but my shuttle time was 5:45 and we didn’t want to be that late).  We ended up getting on the shuttle at 5:45 anyway.  That was after many many minutes of sitting in the car trying to get off the freeway and then get into the lot.  I was, shall we say, less than happy.

Once we got on the shuttle I felt better, but then I realized I had to pee.  So did Mat.  Naturally, the porta potties by the start line had long lines.  But, we had to go.  So we waited.  While in line we heard the national anthem.  I was getting stressed again.

We ended up taking care of business and getting to a decent place in the start line by walking along the side and jumping into an open area.  I think we were in corral C (there were 4: A, B, C, D).  We had only a couple minutes to stand there, and then we were moving forward.

The first mile or two was annoying because there were a lot of people slower than us.  But, after a while I was able to dodge ahead of people.  Mat stayed running with me (a much slower pace than he usually goes) because of his hurt knee, and then around mile 4 he fell back to walk and rest it.  He somehow caught back up to me a little after mile 6.  I think he fell back again a mile or so later, but kept me in sight and caught up again shortly.  Somewhere between miles 7 and 8 he fell back again and stayed back until the finish.  I’m really proud of him though for sticking with it but also listening to his body and resting when he had to.

Now, for the fun stuff.  🙂  I FINISHED THE RACE IN 2:08:33!  That’s a new PR for me!  I honestly didn’t think I was going to PR in this race because I hadn’t run a distance longer than 10 miles in 3 weeks and because I knew this course had a couple of hills and I haven’t been training on hills.  But apparently not running long runs was just what my body needed because I felt pretty darn good the whole way through.  I didn’t get nearly as tired and felt exhilarated at the finish.

Mat finished in 2:17:39, not bad at all for having to stop and walk.  My dad finished in 1:53:43!  Both of them will get their beach cities medal in Long Beach this October!  (To see more details of how we did, go here and search our names – Melissa White, Steve White, Mathew Kolbeck).

*side note* when I register for Long Beach later this month, I’ll be registering as Melissa Kolbeck!!

I’m not one to want to carry a camera and take pictures while I’m running – as much as it would be more interesting, it just bugs me.  But I do have a few pictures from after the race:

Me with my TWO medals!

Me and my daddy after the race

Mat and I after the race

Me with my TWO medals!!

Next on the agenda: get through this next week of work and then BRIDAL SHOWER!!  And Mother’s Day!

53 days to go!


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One thought on “OC Half Marathon

  1. Congrats on a fabulous finish, Melissa. You, Mat, and your dad ought to be very proud!

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